The cost of our 4 day tryout is $500. Players must register, be confirmed, and once registered, their $500.00 fee is not due until March 15th to March 16th, 2020. Fees not paid by March 17th, 2020, your registration spot will be given to the next non-confirmed registered player on our reserve registration list. There will be 2 tryouts and each tryout will consist of 160 players and by position.

Once these amounts are met through registration, those registered after will be on a list as reserves for those who do not pay their $500.00 on time, 3/17/2020. Each of the 4 teams will play, using 2 rosters, 2 14 inning games and a final 14 inning game of the entire 40 man roster. This will give each postion player at least 6-7 live at bats in a game situation. 


Each pitcher will get 3 live innings.  Keith and Jim feel this is better than a bullpen, 2-3 ground or flyballs, and 2 at bats. We will still run the 60, do pop times, and pre-game with all last comment, we are delaying your fee payment to ensure we have 320 players registered and all financial assets are in the bank down to every last dime to pay our trainer and scorekeeper. The trainer will be on site at all tryouts and games. IF we cannot reach our financial goals by March 7th, 2020, we will not play and not one player is out of fees or in need of a refund.



COST:  $500.00

  • Stretch

  • 60's

  • Pop times

  • Pre game

  • 14 inning games

  • Pitchers: 56

  • Catchers: 16

  • 1st base: 16

  • 2nd base: 16

  • 3rd base: 16

  • Short stop: 16

  • Outfield: 24

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